Panerai watches now sells more models than ever before. There are crown guard (Luminor), no crown guard (Radiomir), professional diving (Submersible), slim (Luminor Due), and sizes ranging from 38, 40, 42, 44, 45, 47 are all available. There are so many Panerais out there, and there’s no problem buying them, so how to choose Panerai watch?

40mm is Panerai’s main size in the past two years. 40mm has always been the “golden size” in modern watches, neither big nor small, very moderate. Many famous models, including Patek Philippe and Rolex, have locked the size at 40 mm. Compared with the most common and larger sizes of Panerai in the past, 47mm and 44mm, 40mm can be used regardless of whether the wrist is thicker or thinner. Suitable for most people. 40mm Panerai currently has two major styles, namely 40mm Luminor and 40mm Radiomir.

How To Choose Panerai 40mm Watch

The 40mm Panerai Luminor is currently Panerai’s most “all-round” model. It has all the classic elements that Panerai should have, as well as practical functions for daily wear. The regular models are available in different colors, including blue dial 1370, white dial 1371, and black dial 1372. 40mm Luminor, steel shell, crown guard, high enough recognition. The watch uses Panerai’s iconic “sandwich” dial, with “holes” for the hour markers, and a luminous coating on the lower layer of the dial, which not only enhances the luminous effect, but also improves the appearance. Compared with the 44mm Panerai, the 40mm Luminor has reduced its size and only retains the two numeral time scales 12 and 6 on the disk, replacing the 9 o’clock numeral with a bar time scale. The small second hand and date window echo on the left and right sides of the dial. The P.900 movement maintains 3 days of power while controlling the thickness of the movement to 4.2 mm. Compared with the 44 mm P.9010 movement used by Panerai (6 mm thickness), it is much thinner. Thanks to the P.900 movement, the thickness of the entire 40mm Luminor watch has also been significantly reduced, making it easier to wear than any previous large-sized Panerai. More replica Panerai Luminor watches.

How To Choose Panerai 40mm Watch

The 40mm Panerai Radiomir is Panerai’s latest flagship product. According to different colors, it is white dial 1292, blue dial 1293, and black dial 1294. The cushion-shaped case used by Radiomir has no crown guard and combined linear lugs. The lugs are two metal bars joined together (the two metal bars are connected together from the middle). It can be said to be the most classic. Panerai. Because it is a retro route, in the past many years, Radiomir has mostly been manually wound. In addition, the crown has a screw-in lock, which is very authentic, but from a daily perspective, it is a bit troublesome. Therefore, Panerai combines the classic shape with an automatic movement on the new 40mm Radiomir. The 40mm Radiomir has the same “sandwich” dial, with 12 and 6 numeral time scales, and the rest are bar time scales. Small seconds and date, one on the left and one on the right. One detail is that Radiomir’s luminous hour hand is divided into two sections. The P.900 automatic movement does not have a transparent bottom, but it makes up for the lack of automatic models and date models of the Radiomir before. With the 3-day power of the P.900 movement, the 40mm Radiomir is very suitable for daily use (note that Yes, this model is waterproof to 30 meters, not 100 meters). More replica Panerai Radiomir watches.

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