The replica Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope watch cleverly integrates three special measurement functions – tachymeter, rangefinder and pulse meter – into the same watch through the design of different scales on the dial, allowing the performance of the Chronoscope to be maximized. To the point of admiration. The word “Chronoscope” combines two traditional meanings of the Greek word. “Chronos” means time and “Scope” means observation. A “Chronoscope” refers to a device designed to measure the duration between two locations or events. More replica Omega Speedmaster watches.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope Chronograph

The replica Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope chronograph watch is a tribute and inheritance to Omega’s classic retro watches. The watch case is 43 mm, and the dial adopts a complex and delicate “snail” design style, which continues the characteristics of Omega chronograph watches in the 1940s. In the last century, the Chronoscope watch was given the iconic design of leaf-shaped hands. The Arabic numerals are decorated with a “spiral” track pattern below, which is particularly elegant.

Omega 9908 Master Chronometer manual winding movement, through the sapphire glass case back, you can appreciate the beauty of the movement. Another outstanding feature of this watch is the design of the movement splint. Its Arabic-style Geneva ripples extend outward from the balance wheel instead of the center of the movement. This is the first time that Omega has used this design style for a movement. In order to enhance the power reserve of the watch, this movement uses a double spring device and is covered with a wear-resistant DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating. At the same time, Omega’s column wheel structure also ensures that the various complex functions of the Speedmaster Chronoscope watch can operate accurately.

This year, Patek Philippe launched the new replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007G watches. In the past few years, Patek Philippe’s “simple watch” Calatrava series has undergone a large-scale update. Old models including 5196 and 5296 have been completely discontinued. More replica Patek Philippe Calatrava watches.

In recent years, Patek Philippe has undergone subtle changes in watch style. From the past formal, traditional, and elegant styles, we began to incorporate retro, sporty, and fashionable elements. This year’s new model 6007G is Patek Philippe’s formal watch, absorbing the signals of sports and fashion styles. 6007G comes in three colors of red, yellow and blue, and is decorated with carbon fiber patterns, making it sporty and fashionable.

Patek Philippe launched 6007G (G stands for platinum case), but this model is not the first time it has been launched. In 2020, Patek Philippe launched the 6007A (A stands for steel case). At that time, 6007A was limited to 1,000 pieces. This year’s platinum 6007G is the normal style and is not limited. Replica Patek Philippe 6007G, white gold case, size 40 mm, thickness 9.17 mm. The case continues the style since 6000 and 6006, with a wide bezel and a fully polished case. Although the 6007G has a sporty appearance, you should note that the 6007G only has a sporty appearance and is still waterproof to 30 meters.

Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007G Watches

The dial decoration of replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007G is very rich. The second hand and scale of the watch correspond to three colors: red, yellow, and blue. The inner ring of the disk has colored triangular scales, and the outer ring of the disk has staggered colored vertical bar scales. Large luminous digital time scales and luminous hands further enhance the sporty feel of 6007G. One of the essence of Patek Philippe 6007 is the “carbon fiber pattern” grid in the center of the dial. The “carbon fiber” plaid is a decorative pattern that Patek Philippe has only begun to use in recent years. To this day, there are still only a handful of Patek Philippes that have used the “carbon fiber” plaid. The strap of 6007G is also covered with “carbon fiber”. 6007G is a cowhide strap with a carbon fiber pattern decoration on the front. The stitching color of the strap is consistent with the color of the watch dial. Watch comes with pin buckle.

In terms of movement, the new Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007G watches uses Patek Philippe’s new generation 26-330 automatic movement (the 2020 6007A is the previous generation 324 movement). Patek Philippe’s new generation 330 movement is an upgraded model of the 324 movement. 330 movement, size 27 mm, thickness 3.3 mm, 30 jewel bearings, swing frequency 28800 times/hour, power 45 hours, with Patek Philippe mark. 330 adds a stop second (the 324 movement does not have a stop second), uses a card-free weight to fine-tune the balance wheel, and a silicon hairspring, with an error of -3/+2 seconds per day.