The replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic True Second looks retro, reminiscent of a formal watch from the late 1960s or early 70s. The crosshairs on the prototype face no longer exist, and the gold hour markers are unified into thin bars. 3,6,9,12 these Arabic numerals were replaced by double thin bars.

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic True Second

As you can see in the enlarged detail photos, the front of the bar-shaped hour markers has a brushed stripe decoration; the time-division hands are changed from the prototype dagger to the long pencil style, and It is a polished polyhedral three-dimensional shape, which helps to improve the visibility under different incident angles of light; the needle is also filled with the luminous material of the old color; the silver dial seems to be sandblasted and the surface has a fine grain texture.

The case of replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic True Second is also a traditional style of the Geophysic series, emphasizing the angular design of the bezel and lugs, 39.6 mm diameter, slightly larger than the 2014 geophysical watch by a millimeter, the thickness is similar to 11.7 mm, and the front is mirror polished The side is brushed, like the original watch, look carefully at the side case, you will find that the bezel is slightly convex than the middle case, so the feeling of getting started will feel slightly larger than the actual size.

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic True Second, the biggest change on the dial is 3 o’clock, and now has a date window, which is the first time in the geophysical watch series calendar function. The most unique and unique feature of the watch is True Second, or the second-second function. Its central seconds hand does not rotate continuously, but accurately jumps every second, just like an electronic watch! Of course, Jaeger-LeCoultre will not equip it with a quartz movement, but rely on the newly developed 770 self-produced automatic movement to achieve this function.

Unlike the previous Snoopy Supermaster, this replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award is visually different. First, the dial is white, unlike the Speedmaster black dial on the market.

The theme on the dial, this Speedmaster, like the previous “Snoopy” predecessor, has a Snoopy motif on the small dial at 9 o’clock. But in this version of the Snoopy theme is different, though; this lovely Snoopy is also lying, he did not wear any spacesuit, unlike the previous Snoopy watch. At the same time, the dial is a special 14-second time scale with a paragraph: “What can you do in 14 seconds?”. This is actually to commemorate the Apollo 13 super-heavy watch, with a precise timing of 14 seconds to help correct the track midway.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award 311.

One of the most eye-catching and gorgeous features on the dial of the watch. The tachometer scale and time stamp are covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, and the special time-scale luminous coating surrounds the bar-shaped time scale instead of filling it (this is a bit unorthodox but interesting). The little Snoopy at the 9 o’clock dial also has night light that glows in the dark.

When the replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award limited edition watch is worn on the wrist, it feels like any other super professional watch. This is mainly due to the stainless steel case of the same size 42mm watch. However, another big difference is the bracelet, where a nylon fabric strap is applied. This reduces the weight of the watch and provides greater comfort. More replica Omega Speedmaster watches.

The replica Rolex Submariner Blue 116619LB watch features an 18K white gold case and bracelet, a 40 mm diameter design and a special blue panel design. The surface of the Chromalight display ensures that the wearer can read clearly in a dark environment, while in the same brightness environment, the blue light can continue to shine for 8 hours, twice as much as the average fluorescent material.

Replica Rolex Submariner Blue 116619LB

The three-lock-locked crown is a triple waterproof system designed for diving watches. Developed by Rolex, the three-lock-locked crown for submersible and other professional watch models is water resistant up to 300 meters. This crown was first introduced in 1970 and consists of 10 different parts, all forged in extremely reliable materials. After the assembly is completed, it only needs to be tightened, so that the sturdy case can be completely sealed, and the sturdy protection is comparable to the submarine hatch.

Replica Rolex Submariner Blue, the enamel strap is equipped with a shackle buckle that prevents accidental opening and a Glidelock buckle that can be easily extended without any tools. Even wearing a wetsuit, you can experience a stable and comfortable watch wear. With the two major inventions of the screw-in bottom cover and the screw-in waterproof front-loading crown, the watch works perfectly in the water.

The rotating bezel of replica Rolex Submariner Blue 116619LB is the main feature of the watch, and its 60-minute progressive scale allows divers to accurately calculate dive time and buck time. The Cerachrom ring is made of special ceramic that is extremely hard, corrosion resistant and scratch resistant. Even in a dark environment, the zero-marked luminous material ensures a clear reading. The specially designed ribs on the outer ring allow the wearer to operate easily even when wearing gloves or in the water. Self-winding movement.

It seems that the beautiful blue is more charming than other colors, and it can touch us. This replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication Celestial 6104G watch, the most fascinating aspect of this cosmic sky map is the time display function, calendar indication function and moon phase function in the interlaced transformation of blue sky, Sirius and moon.

The 38 long trapezoidal diamonds set in the white gold bezel set off the glimpse of the starry sky. The interior is equipped with an automatic movement. This is not just a watch, but a mysterious universe. Obviously, this is not a general-purpose watch, but a watch with an astronomical astrological indication. In pocket watches and clocks, models with these functions are not complicated, but concentrate complex parts to smaller watches.

Replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication Celestial 6104G

Among them, it requires extremely fine craftsmanship and precise mechanical structure. Therefore, replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication Celestial 6104G is extremely expensive, extremely high in craftsmanship, astronomical function, Patek Philippe brand, and of course rare. Of course, 22 diamonds are worth some money, although they only account for a little value compared with the value of the whole watch.

Black sapphire crystal disc showing starry sky background and moon phase. Transparent sapphire crystal disc showing the sky and the Milky Way. Pointer date display. The hour and minute hands show the average solar time. The sky map, the moon phase and the moon line trajectory. Sirius and the moon in the middle of the day. Sapphire crystal disc showing starry sky background and moon phase.

Replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication Celestial 6104G, square-scale crocodile leather strap, hand-stitched, bright navy blue. Sapphire crystal is covered. Platinum style. Water resistance is 30 meters. Case diameter: 42 mm. Thickness: 10.58 mm.