Replica Panerai Radiomir Bronzo 47mm PAM00760 is not only the first copper watch of Radiomir, but also the layout of its 3, 6, 9, 12 dials is also the second time it appears on the 47mm non-steel and non-K gold case of Radiomir. The last time it appeared was in On 021 in 1997. For the dial layout of Radium Mill, there are two recognized classic layouts, one is 3, 6, 9, 12, and the other is the California dial. Personally, I prefer the former, the reason is very simple, because the Layout is the granddaddy. 760 as a copper watch, the green dial is naturally the best match, but it is different from the 382 and 517 green dials, this time Panerai uses a smoky green gradient dial with grainy texture, the dial is not only pure in color, but also textured Rich and delicate, it also has a sandwich structure, blue steel hands and beige luminous coating. With the blessing of so many buffs, the appearance and retro index of this watch instantly soared. It is more like an antique watch than an antique watch. More replica Panerai Radiomir watches.

Replica Panerai Radiomir Bronzo 47mm Watch

Like other Panerai copper watches, this replica Panerai Radiomir Bronzo watch uses a tin-copper alloy, which can form a patina as the surface oxidizes. The surface is all brushed and also slightly aged. May aid in oxidation and, on the other hand, impart the unique aesthetics of a nautical instrument. In order to avoid allergic reactions caused by people’s long-term contact with bronze, Panerai’s copper watches in recent years are all made of titanium alloy backs, which can be regarded as a personalized upgrade. In order to further emphasize the retro charm of this watch, the box-shaped mirror does not use sapphire crystal, but resin glass. Although it is not so scratch-resistant, it is commendable for Panerai to dare to use it this time.

The power for this replica Panerai Radiomir Bronzo 47mm PAM00760 watch naturally comes from its classic fully self-produced P3000 manual movement. The new P3000 movement inherits the old P3000 cardless hairspring, four-arm four-weight balance wheel, and three-day power reserve. Under the premise of performance, not only the drive train splint has been re-cut, but also the shape of the barrel splint has been slightly adjusted. The more graceful shape of the splint is combined with the finer fish scale grinding of the main splint, and the more refined and mature chamfering treatment, and the appreciation and artistry of the new P3000 movement are greatly enhanced.