The elegant blue and white collocation of the replica IWC Portuguese 7 Days Laureus IW500112 watch is a watch that occupies an absolutely important position in the Portuguese series and is very popular. The watch is made of wear-resistant and scratch-resistant stainless steel. The transparent and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is equipped with a double-layer blue coating process. The blue light effect is very obvious under the light, which makes the front of the watch.

It looks more exquisite. Due to the use of the front mold engraving, there are two white discs of equal size on the deep blue surface at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. They are the seven-day power reserve indicator and the small seconds dial of the watch. , And the pointer in the small disk is made of the same grilled blue steel material as the genuine product. In addition, the small disk is evenly symmetrical in size, and the arrangement is unconventional, especially for the CD texture in the small dial.

Replica IWC Portuguese 7 Days Laureus IW500112

The workmanship of the crown is also very fine. Look carefully at the surrounding tooth mouths are well polished, and the unevenness is perfect! Whether it is the sharpness of the teeth or the appearance of the engraved IWC LOGO on the side of the crown, it has a genuine texture. The wire drawing process on the front side is extremely delicate, and the polished is also very curved, especially the chamfering of the lugs is very beautiful.

The leather strap with the replica IWC Portuguese 7 Days Laureus IW500112 watch has a very soft and comfortable texture, and the hand-held effect is also great. The beautifully crafted folding buckle design makes the wearing effect safer, more comfortable, simple and convenient! The lettering on the bottom case is very accurate and the handwriting is very clear. The relief pattern of the family in the middle part is also lifelike, plus a delicate polishing process, which makes the appearance infinitely close to the original product. It is equipped with a replica 7750 automatic mechanical chronograph movement and performance. Very stable and perfect reproduction.

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