The replica Rolex Submariner Blue 116619LB watch features an 18K white gold case and bracelet, a 40 mm diameter design and a special blue panel design. The surface of the Chromalight display ensures that the wearer can read clearly in a dark environment, while in the same brightness environment, the blue light can continue to shine for 8 hours, twice as much as the average fluorescent material.

Replica Rolex Submariner Blue 116619LB

The three-lock-locked crown is a triple waterproof system designed for diving watches. Developed by Rolex, the three-lock-locked crown for submersible and other professional watch models is water resistant up to 300 meters. This crown was first introduced in 1970 and consists of 10 different parts, all forged in extremely reliable materials. After the assembly is completed, it only needs to be tightened, so that the sturdy case can be completely sealed, and the sturdy protection is comparable to the submarine hatch.

Replica Rolex Submariner Blue, the enamel strap is equipped with a shackle buckle that prevents accidental opening and a Glidelock buckle that can be easily extended without any tools. Even wearing a wetsuit, you can experience a stable and comfortable watch wear. With the two major inventions of the screw-in bottom cover and the screw-in waterproof front-loading crown, the watch works perfectly in the water.

The rotating bezel of replica Rolex Submariner Blue 116619LB is the main feature of the watch, and its 60-minute progressive scale allows divers to accurately calculate dive time and buck time. The Cerachrom ring is made of special ceramic that is extremely hard, corrosion resistant and scratch resistant. Even in a dark environment, the zero-marked luminous material ensures a clear reading. The specially designed ribs on the outer ring allow the wearer to operate easily even when wearing gloves or in the water. Self-winding movement.

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