Bronze material is resistant to seawater corrosion, easy to cast, and high in strength. It is widely used in ships and diving equipment. In recent years, the use of bronze materials for diving watches is quite popular. Tudor uses aluminum bronze alloy, which is doped in copper. It is mainly an alloy formed of aluminum. It has a unique personality in bronze. It is characterized by excellent seawater corrosion resistance; it has higher strength and higher hardness than tin bronze, and it is less susceptible to oxidation; this means The Tudor bronze case is more robust and resistant, and, over time, it does not produce green rust, but evolves into a dark brown tone–so the Tudor calls it a bronze watch. More

Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM

The replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM is now larger, with a diameter of 43 mm (instead of the first three models of 41 mm). I guess the root cause lies in the movement. The original ETA 2824-2 movement modified by Tudor is 25.6. The size of the movement is 25.6. Millimeter, and the bronze watch is equipped with a new Tudor self-produced three-needle movement MT5601, measuring 33.8 mm, two mm larger than last year’s new movement MT5612.

In order to match the overall brown tone evolution of the case, the dial and bezel are chosen to be in a sepia tone, the bezel is still made of aluminum alloy, and the dial is now 3, 6, and 9 when the Arabic numerals are used. This is a typical Rolex explorer ‘Explorer’ The style dial (the first three Black Bay dials have no digital time stamps, more like the Tudor Submariner), and the overall look is more retro. There are now 6 lines of text printed on the dial. Compared to the previous Black Bay, the word “Chronometer Officially Certified” means the official certification of the Observatory. This means that the Tudor bronze watch 79250BM is equipped with a self-produced automatic winding machine. Core MT5601.

The replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM also passed the COSC certification of the Observatory. It has a 70-hour power reserve (very useful function), the vibration frequency is 4Hz, and it uses silicon hairspring, so it has certain diamagnetic resistance. I am curious why the MT5601 has reduced the date function and will be more than last year. MT5612 is two centimeters larger; personally guess this basic movement is to prepare for the future Tudor self-produced automatic chronograph movement, the space should be reserved for the timing structure! The 79250BM’s diving watch style, densely designed, the movement can not see the real thing.

The replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze 79250BM has no metal bracelet available. Instead, in the case you can find a leather strap and an extra fabric strap, all with bronze buckles (the fabric strap is also a historical stalk – the French Navy has purchased a Tudor watch without a strap, And the watch is equipped with a strap or even a self-made strap, such as a strap made of elastic material from a French parachute harness. This highly practical classic strap has a yellow textured line in the center for easy identification. The main features).

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