Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M professional diving watch, the size of this watch has reached 45.5 mm that ordinary people “smell the amazement”, and at the same time, its waterproof depth has also reached an astonishing 6000 meters. The predecessor of the watch once achieved a feat in 2019. The prototype watch followed the explorer Victor Vescovo’s deep dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, creating the world’s single-person dive of 10,928 meters at the time record.

Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep Titanium

The replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M comes in multiple colorways. Among them, there is only one titanium case, that is, the black dial, the dial is also titanium, the second hand of the watch is a gradient from white to blue; the steel case has a gradient blue dial with a black circle, a gradient gray dial with an orange circle, and a white dial with a blue circle. The titanium case is made of sandblasted grade 5 titanium, and the watch is equipped with a brushed ceramic bezel with a Liquidmetal diving scale. Titanium dial covered in black ceramic with blue numerals and blue central seconds hand with gradient effect.

Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep Titanium, tour core technologies: the first is the domed convex sapphire glass, the design is inspired by the porthole of the diving cabin, which can withstand 7.5 tons of pressure; the second is the design concept and assembly of Omega’s innovative sapphire glass gasket, which ensures waterproof performance and The convenience of assembly improves the pressure resistance of the watch, and the design of the helium escape valve is not required to meet the needs of long-term saturation diving operations. The third is the screw-in crown, which enhances the sealing of the watch. The fourth is the unique way of assembling the case back and case. These four points ensure the deep diving performance of the watch to a large extent, and at the same time reduce the size of the watch to a large extent, making it a civilian professional diving watch chosen by consumers.

Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep Titanium, the color matching is very harmonious, the gradient dial is matched with the carbon black bezel, and the white luminous coating is used as the bright color embellishment of the watch, which is very suitable for daily wear or casual fashion. In addition, titanium material is lighter than stainless steel, precious metal K gold and other materials. Even if the size is slightly larger than conventional watches, it is very comfortable to wear. The watch case back is decorated with a grade 5 titanium badge, and the “sonar” logo is engraved with laser technology.

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